The Ultimate Guide to Tile Resurfacing Projects

When it comes to resurfacing tiles, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind before calling in the professionals. For example, if tiles that are meant to be resurfaced are in the living room with a lot of furniture and people moving about, then you should perhaps consider other options such as replacing the tiles altogether. This is because movement of people and furniture would cause a lot of wear and tear, and you would not get the desired results.

On the other hand, tile resurfacing is a workable solution in areas such as the bathroom since the damage from daily wear and tear would be minimal. Once you have decided to resurface the tiles, you have two options to go about it. Either call in professional help, or manage it as a DIY project. Both have advantages of their own.

Benefits of hiring a professional tile resurfacing expert

A professional tile refinishing expert is the best person to assess the extent of damage sustained by your tiles, and whether they are better of replaced altogether. A professional would also have better skill sets and knowledge to resurface tiles that is otherwise not possible for a novice. In particular, a professional tile finisher would provide the following benefits.

1. Professional results

This is perhaps self-explanatory. If you want top notch results for your tile refinishing project, then engaging a professional is the way to go. Professional refinishing experts have better training and years of experience, and well as access to better and more varied materials. All of these factors would combine together to produce a quality of work that cannot be matched by a novice.

2. More custom color choices

One of the limiting factors in home kits for tile resurfacing is the extremely limited choice of colors. You would essentially get access to a few earthy and beige tones along with white. That is all. On the other hand, a professional has practically limitless color options, and you can truly indulge yourself while choosing the best color combination.

3. Professionals would finish the refinishing job quicker

Professionals not only do a superior job but they also accomplish it in a shorter time. This is especially helpful if the area of the home where you are getting your tile refinished is frequently visited by family members.


4. Professionals do it safely

Tile refinishing job involves paints and other chemicals that are harmful to human health. With professional tile finishers you can be sure that they would use the right materials and equipment to limit your family’s exposure to such harmful chemicals.

Tips for DIY tile resurfacing projects

Taking up tile resurfacing as a DIY project has its own benefits. First and foremost, it is considerably more cheaper than hiring the services of professionals. In addition, you would get to sharpen your skills. However, there are a few tips you should pay heed to while going on with your DIY tile refinishing project.


1. Buy quality tile and tub kits from reputed vendors that not only provide step by step instructions but also the list of tools and supplies that you would require.

2. Spend a lot of time on properly sanding the surface as it is conducive for proper and lasting adhesion.

3. Stay on the safe side and wear breathing mask. Make sure there is a fan in the work space, and the area is well ventilated for vapours to move out.

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